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"The Mission of the Maddock Public School is to prepare students for success
through knowledge, leadership, and opportunities."

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Each student in 5th/6th grade has a daily planner/assignment book.

Please encourage your child to use this wonderful organizational tool!

FAB Time = Focus on Academic Breakthroughs! Everyone is working on needed skills during this time.

Email Address:

Mrs. Becvar's School Phone Number:
438-2531 Ext. 808

If you have an important message that MUST get to me before the end of the day, please make sure you speak directly to one of the people in the office. This will ensure that your message will get to me, as I do not always get a chance to check my voicemail messages in the afternoon. Thank you!

Book Reports are not graded, but the students are encouraged
to complete them to get a certificate at the end of the year.
The recommended completion guideline is simply to help the students "stay on track"
so they don't get overwhelmed trying to finish them at the end of the year.

Book Report Criteria:
Read eighteen 150 page books (unless otherwise directed).
Fill out a form for each book that has been read (Mrs. Becvar has the forms).
One book report should be handed in approximately every two weeks
(Ex:2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month).

Respect school and personal property.
Follow directions the first time they are given.
Stay in your area unless you have permission to do otherwise.
Be prepared for class and do your BEST!
Respect others and be kind with your words and actions.

First Offense -Warning (depending on severity of behavior/act)
Second Offense -Personal discussion with Mrs. Becvar
Third Offense -Meet with principal and/or possible call to parents

  • If you have a comment or a question, please raise your hand and patiently wait for the teacher to call on you.
  • If you are out of sharpened pencils, raise your hand and the teacher will give you one.
  • If you need to use the restroom or get a drink of water, wait until an appropriate time and then ask your teacher.
  • Always remember to sign out when you leave the room and in again when you return.
  • When we are in the hall, going from one place to another, move quickly and quietly.
  • Gum is not to be chewed in the classroom, except on days when the whole class receives it from another teacher.
  • Baseball caps and hoods need to stay off during school hours until you have left the building.
  • If you forget something or something happens that needs your teacher's attention, tell her immediately so that the situation can be resolved.
  • If you feel ill, please go straight to the garbage can or bathroom. You do not have to ask to leave.
  • The playground equipment is to stay in the box until it is ready to be taken outside. Balls and other objects are NEVER to be thrown around the room.
  • Wash your hands before and after lunch. Hand sanitizer is not a substitution.
  • Keep your area clean and organized.
  • Always be polite! Manners are VERY important!

Letter Grade Percent Range
69% and below

Elementary students who participate in
extracurricular activities (basketball, etc.)
must maintain at least a 77% (C-)in all graded subject areas.This includes Band.
(see Student-Parent Handbook P. 18 for a complete description)

A paper is considered late if it is handed in after 8:40 AM on the day it is due.
*Special circumstances may be considered in some situations.
(Ex. The student has questions from the previous evening, etc.)

1 Day Late: Student will be eligible to receive 80% of the total points earned.
2 Days Late: Student will be eligible to receive 50% of the total points earned.
After 2 Days: No credit will be given for the assignment.

Grading System

2016-2017 Class Schedule

Book Report Form

2016-2017 School Supply List


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