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Science is the study of the world around us. Scientists are people who try to learn how our world works. Because they want to get it right, science is based on

1. Evidence

2. Reasoning.

Learning to tell the difference between strong and weak evidence, and good vs. poor reasoning is an essential part of doing science. They're important in many aspects of life.

There are a number of online learning resources. One of the most popular, and potentially the best, is Because anyone can post there, students should check the reliability of the source of videos. One You-tube channel I've found to be pretty good is Crash Course. It has several 10-12 minute videos grouped by subjects such as Anatomy & Physiology, Astronomy, Physics,Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, etc. Check their playlists section.

Students in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology:You should have a login and password for (See me if you don't or have trouble logging-in.) At this site you will find an online version of you textbook. If you don't have your text with you , you can read it online here. There are other resources available here as well. I don't plan to use it for the site for assignments at this time but that may change at some point.

Our weekly lesson plan will be posted in class. It's available here as a .pdf file.

Grading is standard high school grading (A 93-100%; B 86-92%; C 77-85%; D 70-76%;F 69% and below.) If you have problems or questions, please come and see me. I'm available before and after school and have prep time from 12:30 - 1:00. I'm usually at school by 8 am and will be there at least until 4 pm.

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