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*May10--Play Day at Fort Totten (May 17 alternate date)
*May 25--LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!! 1:50pm dismissal, HaPpY sUmMeR!!
*May 28--Graduation

**Please update my email address as we've changed systems:


8:40-9:00 Attendance, Lunch Count, Milk Count, Calendar

9:00-9:20 Phy Ed

9:20-9:40 Music

9:40-10:00Language Arts

10:00-10:15 Recess

10:15-11:00 Language Arts

11:00-11:20 Recess

11:20-12:00 Lunch


12:30-1:00 Science (M,T), Library (W), Lang. Arts (Th),Social Studies (F)

1:00-1:30 Rest Time

1:30-1:50 FAB

1:50-2:10 Recess

2:10-2:30 Milk Break, Language Arts

2:30-3:00 Art (M), Centers(T), Lang. Arts/Tech (W), Centers (Th), Counselor (F)

3:00-3:25 Language Arts (M,T), Tech/Health (W),Free Play (Th,F)

3:25 Pack Up

3:30 Dismissal


August 2016
Wednesday, Aug. 24--First day of School!

September 2016
Thursday, Sept. 1--Ping Pong Pictures
Friday, Sept. 2--1:50pm dismissal
Monday, Sept. 5--Labor Day--NO SCHOOL

October 2016
Wednesday, Oct. 19--Early dismissal 1:50pm
Thursday, Oct. 20--NO SCHOOL
Friday, Oct. 21--NO SCHOOL
Oct. 28--End of 1st Quarter
Monday, Oct. 31--Halloween Party!

November 2016
Thursday, Nov. 3--Parent-Teacher Conferences 4-10pm
Friday, Nov. 11--NO SCHOOL-Veteran's Day
Tuesday, Nov. 22--Alternate Parent-Teacher Conference Day
Wednesday, Nov. 23--1:50pm dismissal
Thursday, Nov. 24--NO SCHOOL-Thanksgiving break
Friday, Nov. 25--NO SCHOOL-Thanksgiving break

December 2016
Wednesday, Dec. 21--Last day of school! 1:50pm dismissal

January 2017
Tuesday, Jan. 3--School resumes
Jan. 13--End of 2nd Quarter/1st Semester
Monday, Jan. 16--NO SCHOOL-Teacher's Inservice Day

February 2017
Thursday,Feb. 16--1:50 dismissal
Friday,Feb. 17--NO SCHOOL
Feb. 20--NO SCHOOL--Presidents Day

March 2017
Friday, Mar. 3--NO SCHOOL
Wednesday, Mar. 15--1:50dismissal
Thursday & Friday, Mar. 16-17--NO SCHOOL
Friday,Mar. 24--End of 3rd Quarter
Thursday, Mar. 30--Parent-Teacher Conferences 4-10pm

April 2017
Thursday, Apr. 13--1:50 dismissal
Friday, Apr. 14--NO SCHOOL--Easter break
Monday, Apr. 17--NO SCHOOL--Easter break

May 2017
Thursday, May 25--Last day of school!!-1:50 dismissal
Sunday, May 28--Graduation


When can I contact my child's teacher?
My hours at school are from 8:10am-4:00pm.
My email address is
To reach my voicemail, the phone # is 438-2531 ext. 813
and you can leave a message at anytime of the day.
If you call after 2:00pm and need to get me a message
before the school day is over, you may want to speak
with Faye in the office and have her deliver the message
as I may not have time to check my messages after 2:00pm some days.

What time is best for me to come and visit with the teacher?
It is best to contact me ahead of time so we can
set up a private, non-interrupted time to visit about your
questions or concerns. Generally, right before or right after school
works best as I have few breaks during the school day.

What should I do if I know ahead of time that my child will be gone from school?
If you know ahead of time that your child will be missing school,
please let me know so I can get their work to them and
they can get it done before they will be gone instead of
having to play "catch up" when they return.

What if my child is sick?
I usually send any work home with a sibling if they are in school.
That way your child can work on their assignments when they feel better
and bring them back to school when they return so they don't fall behind.

How much homework will my child have?
There will be times when they have to bring a short booklet home to read aloud to an adult and a few other random assignments, but otherwise there is no other work sent home, unless they have
been gone or haven't been using their classtime wisely to complete it.

My child has been losing things at school. What should I do?
It is a good idea to get into the habit of labeling your child?s things
with their name as we have many items that are lost/found that no one claims.

Can I send snacks to school?
You may send snacks to school, however our Wellness Policy encourages healthy snacks
to be eaten on school grounds. We have milk break in the afternoon.
They may also have water or bring juice instead at that time

Holiday Room Parents

Green (plan, chaperone)
Maddock (chaperone)
Williams (chaperone)
Olson (food)
Simon (food)

Fedorenko (plan)
Kenner (chaperone & food)
Maddock (food)
Hofstetter (food)

Valentine's Day:
Arnston (plan)
Engebretson (plan & chaperone)
Williams (food)
Simon (food)


1-Needs Improvement


2 Wide-ruled notebooks
Liquid & Stick Glue
Supply Box
Phy Ed Shoes
Extra change of clothes
Optional: art shirt


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Mrs. JoLynn Fautsch
Maddock Public School
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Maddock, ND 58348
Phone: 438-2531 ext 813
Fax: 438-2620

I graduated from Maddock Public School in 1999, North Dakota StateUniversity in 2003 with an Elementary Education major, Physical Education minor, & Coaching Certification, Minot State University in 2007 with a
Master of Education, Elementary Concentration, and Title I Math/Reading from MSU in 2010, and a Kindergarten credential from Mayville State in 2011. I married Nick on July 28, 2007 and we have 2 dogs, Hootie & Berk, and a herd of cats! We were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Lacie, on December 12,2009, a bouncing baby boy, Reed, on December 6, 2012, and another beautiful baby girl, Ava, on March 9, 2015! I enjoy watching and playing sports, hunting, fishing, & spending time with my family and friends.

Mission For The Class
How much you get out of it is equal to how much you put into it!


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