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Ms. Marshall


Advanced Algebra, General Math, Geometry and Algebra 1 assignments will be graded based on what is written below:


You will be given 5 points for completion

5 -100% Done
4 - 99-80% Done
3 - 79-60% Done
2 - 59-40% Done
1 - 39-1% Done
0 - Not Done

I will then pick 5 problems from your assignment. Each problem is worth 2 points. 1 point for showing your work and 1 point for your answer.(Ex: If you have an assignment with only 3 questions the highest score you can get is an 11.)

-Math 8 and Math 7 assignments will be worth 30 points.

I am available for students to come in and ask me questions in the morning (I'm usually here a little before 8) and Period 8.

If there are any concerns please feel free to e-mail me at or call me here at the school. I respond faster via e-mail.

-Ms. Marshall


Wednesday (05/17/17)


Period 1 (General Math)
-12-3: Electricians
-12-4: Auto Mechanics
-12-5: Carpenters
-12-6: Drafters
-12-7: Machine Operators
-Chapter 12 Review
-Chapter 12 Test
Period 2
(Math 8)
-L111: Volume and Surface Area of a Sphere
-L112: Ratios of Side Lengths of Right Triangles
-Power Up W
-Mental Math
-L113: Using Scatter Plots to Make Predictions
-Power Up W
-Mental Math
-L114: Calculating Area of a Sweep
-L115: Relative Sizes of Sides and Angles of a Triangle
-L116: Dividing Zero
-Power Up X
-Mental Math
-L117: Significant Digits
Period 3 (Alg 1)
-Warm Up
-L105: Recognizing and Extending Geometric Sequences
-L106: Solving Radical Equations
-L107: Graphing Absolute Value Equations
-Warm Up
-L108: Identifying and Graphing Exponential Functions
-L109: Graphing Systems of Linear Inequalities
-L110: Using the Quadratic Formula
-L111: Solving Problems Involving Permutations
-L112: Graphing and Solving System of Linear and Quadratic Equations
Period 4 (Geometry)
-L109: Non-Euclidean Geometry
-L110: Scale Drawings and Maps
-L111: Finding Distance and Midpoint in Three Dimensions
-L112: Finding Area of Circle Segments
-L113: Symmetry of Solids and Polyhedrons
-L114: Solving and Graphing Systems of Linear Inequalities
-L115: Finding Surface Area and Volume of Composite Solids
-L116: Secant, Cosecant, and Cotangent
-117: Determining Line of Best Fit
-L118: Finding Areas of Polygons Using Matrices
Period 5

Period 6 (Math 7)-Warm Up T
-L97: Similar Triangles/ Indirect Measures
-L98: Scale/Scale Factor
-L99: Pythagorean Theorem
-L100: Estimating Square Roots/ Irrational Numbers
-L101: Translating Expressions into Equations

-L102: Transitional/ Simplifying Equations
-L103: Powers of Negative Numbers/Dividing Terms/ Square Roots of Monomials
-L104: Semicircles, Ares, and Sectors
-L105: Surface Area of a Sphere/Surface Area of a Right Solid
Period 7 (Adv. Alg.)
L83: Writing Quadratic Equations from Roots
-L85: Polynomial Roots 2
-L86: Translating Sine and Cosine Functions
-L87: Evaluating Logarithmic Functions
-L89: Solving Quadratic Inequalities
-L90: Graphing the Tangent Function
-L91: Making Graphs and Solving Equations of Circles
-L92: Solving Exponential Equations and Inequalities
Period 8


Online Calculators

Graph Paper
Coordinate Plane Graph Paper - 6 coordinate planes on each sheet of paper
Table Graph Paper - Graph paper with x and y tables


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